Techno Tools, provides integrated tooling solutions for all your machining requirements. Whether it is tools for metal cutting or tools for gear cutting, grinding solutions or precision tool holding, our experts assist you in the selection of the right tool with a strong background of industrial experience in the areas of Tool and Die Design.
TECHNOTOOL is mainly into manufacturing of high quality Tools and Dies, drill jigs, press Tool, drawing tool, injection moulding, compression moulding, transfer moulding, fixtures and customized products in the industry.
We also do Hydraulic Pressing, power pressing, shaping, Grinding, fabrication and installation of M.S, S.S Bronze Handrails, Structures etc.
   1. TOOLS
All our tools are made in-house to customers own designs or designed to suit customers own Ideas and samples. We enjoy translating your ideas and creations into high quality products and solutions. We can incorporate the latest die protection monitors, to protect our customers investment in their tooling. Our ranges are;

Press tool :- All types of metals S.S, M.S, Copper and Brass etc.,

  technotools_greenarrow Drawing tool :- Custom made tools for all type of materials
  technotools_greenarrow Injection moulding :- Electrical relays Textile, Spool, Textile Plastic Components House hold plastic, Industrial plastic LDPE,MDPE,HDPE,PP,ABS,ZYRON,DELTRIN,NYLON,GLASS AND FILLED NYLON.
  technotools_greenarrow Compression moulding :-Phenolic Resin (Backlite) Dough moulding compound (DMC) sheet moulded compound (SMC) Ceramic (Melamine)
  technotools_greenarrow Transfer moulding :- Phenolic Resin DMC,SMC, Ceramic
  technotools_greenarrow Drill Jigs :- Flanges, Special type of machine components, Motor parts
  technotools_greenarrow Fixtures :- CNC machinery fixtures conventional machine fixtures, Clamping fixtures
Handle up to Dia – 1,200mm
  technotools_greenarrow Facing up to 1200mm
  technotools_greenarrow Turning Dia 800mm X 2000 length
  technotools_greenarrow Turning Dia 1,200 X 400 length

Boring up to 700mm Dia X 500 mm length

Handle up to 300kg size up to 1000mm X 400mm

Pocket milling, Step milling, Keyway milling and Sizing.

   4. BORING
Techno Tool  Boring heads deliver unsurpassed performance. They are manufactured with craftsmanship and materials that will allow them to perform long after other tools have served their useful life. This makes them more accurate, flexible, and more cost effective.


  technotools_greenarrow Handle up to Dia 200mm, Height 200mm, Pitch Center 800mm

We are highly qualified and well established manufacturer and supplier of Hydraulic Press tools that are engineered to meet client requirements. Our products are of superior finish and are customized to meet the industrial applications. Greater attention to detail as well as design ensures our products are qualitatively superior. Their intrinsic qualities of being anti-corrosive in nature, a prolonged and longer life style, as well as easy to install features made them mostly wanted.




Handle up to 100 ton , size – 700mm X 700mm x 350mm


All types of Thermo set moulding, Deep drawing up to 300mm and 200mm height,Sheet bending up to 1000 mm and thickens up to 12 mm.

  technotools_greenarrow 100mm X 100mm X  5mm M.S cutting
  technotools_greenarrow 100mm X 100mm X 1.5mm S.S cutting
  technotools_greenarrow 500mm X 500mm X 500 thickness sizing, slotting, shaping etc.,


500mm X 300 mm X 200 mm sizing Profile grinding, Step grinding, Groove grinding.


We take pride in our ability to do fabrication and installation of M.S, S.S and Bronze Handrails, Structures etc.,